Price List for Hair Services

Goldwell Topchic, Colorance, Coverplus, Nectaya, Silklift Blonding System, Oxycur Platin lightner, New Blonde Base Break Lightner, Elumen

Goldwell, KMS, Neuma,Oribe

Repechage Skincare

Youngblood Mineral Makeup

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Haircut Services

Stylists Owner
Womens Haircut- w Shampoo, condition, scalp massage and Blowdry $35-$52 $80+
Mens Buzzer cut- w Shampoo, condition, scalp massage and style $20-$35 $45+
Mens Scissor Cut-w Shampoo, condition, scalp massage and style $25-$40 $45+
Girl tween (9-15) $28 (hair washing extra $10) basic blowdry included. $80+
Boys tween (7-15) w styling $20.00 (hair washing extra $10) $45+
Girl’s (under 7) Hair washing not included. $20.00 N/A
Boy’s (under 7) $15.00 (hair washing not included) N/A

Hair Styling Services

Stylists Owner
Blow dry $40-$50 $40-$80
Upstyle $70-$80 $90
Additional styling $10-$15 $15
Traditional Makeup Application $55 N/A
Airbrush Makeup Application $75 N/A
False Lashes $25 N/A

A La Carte Hair Services

Stylists Owner
Additional scalp massage $5 for 5 minutes. $10 for 5 minutes.
Deep conditioning hair treatment-a la carte $20.00 $35.00
Additional styling $5.00+ $15.00+

Hair Color Services

Hair color services are only booked once a consultation has been provided. It is strongly recommended that an in-salon consult to be done. If not, ask to speak with one of our stylist over the phone to ensure you are booked for the proper service.
Below are starting prices. Variations in price depend on length of hair and density. A exact price can be provided during an in-salon consult.

Stylists Owner
Color consultation - (deducted from first color service) $25.00 $25.00
Root Retouch- Single process $55.00+ $80.00+
Retouch & glaze- roots to end color $75.00+ $110+
Retouch, glaze, & cut $100.00+ $180+
Face Frame Foils Foils ( through partline or around face) $60.00+ 80+
Glaze - a la carte $20.00+ $30.00+
Glaze with blowout $55.00+ $75.00+
First Time Foil- Partial Foil ( half head color roots to end in foil) $100+ $135+
Partial Foil ( half head-retouch color in foil) $75+ $100+
First time full foil ( entire head, applied roots to end in foil) $140+ $200+
Full Foil ( entire head-retouch color in foil) $110+ $150+
for exact pricing it is advised you schedule a consultation as discounts are applied for multiple services. $25 consultation fee / deducted from first service $25 consultation fee / deducted from first service

Hair Extensions

Pricing is based on 2 things. Cost of hair needed for the service and time to put them in. That being said, everyone’s needs are quite different, everyone’s hair is quite different.
Consultation is required. Quotes will be given after consultation

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Appointment Booking Policy:

All Clients must have a Credit Card number on file to book any appointments at JF3 Salon. Much like a Hotel reservation, we require this as well. Nothing is charged to your account , it is just to hold the reservation. This is also acknowledgement that you are aware of our cancellation policies and will be notified if charged for any appointment missed or canceled after the 24 hour period.

Cancellation Policy:
A phone call to the salon is required ( not email ) 24 Hours prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid Late Cancellation charge. For all others, a late cancellation charge is 100% of the service and must be paid in full before booking your next appointment.

No Show’s

If you have made an appointment, did not show and did not speak directly with one of our associates to cancel you will be charged for the missed appointment.

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